I am an Assistant Professor at the department of economics of the University of Munich (LMU) and I am visiting the department of economics of UC Berkeley this fall.

My research is focused on international capital flows and offshore finance. I analyze developments in the financial sector of tax havens including international real estate investments, their role in internal capital markets of multinational enterprises, and the facilitation of international tax noncompliance. I also work on model averaging routines, specifically hybrids between Bayesian and frequentist model averaging estimators.

Current teaching:
Econ 133 - Global Inequality and Growth: Please find all course materials on bcourses.

Research Interests:
Public Economics (tax evasion and avoidance),
International Economics (capital flows, offshore finance),
Applied Econometrics (model averaging)


  • jakob.miethe at econ.lmu.de
  • +49 89 2180 5020
  • Schackstrasse 4, 80539 Munich,