Policy Work & Media

International Treaties Insufficiently Curb Global Tax Evasion
with Lukas Menkhoff (2018)
DIW Weekly Report 41 / 2018, available here.

Breaking the Deadlock: Identifying the Political Economy Drivers of Structural Reform
with Davide Furceri (2016)
In: Too Slow for Too Long. IMF World Economic Outlook April 2016, available here.

Tax Evasion and the Impact of International Regulation: A Summary of Empirical results
with Helge Niesytka (2016)
DIW Roundup 104, available here.

Brexit: What’s at Stake for the Financial Sector?
with David Pothier (2016)
DIW Economic Bulletin 31 / 2016, available here.

Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth
with Guido Baldi (2015)
DIW Roundup 71, available here.

not translated:
Landen Hilfsgelder der Weltbank in Steueroasen?
(2020) Commentary for Welternaehrung, available here.

Die leere Liste der Steueroasen (transl.: The empty list of tax havens)
DIW Commentary, available here.