Policy Papers

The Storm-Impervious Financial Sector: Offshore Services Likely Booked Abroad
DIW Weekly Report 45 / 2020, available here.

International Treaties Insufficiently Curb Global Tax Evasion
with Lukas Menkhoff (2018)
DIW Weekly Report 41 / 2018, available here.

Breaking the Deadlock: Identifying the Political Economy Drivers of Structural Reform
with Davide Furceri (2016)
In: Too Slow for Too Long. IMF World Economic Outlook April 2016, available here.

Tax Evasion and the Impact of International Regulation: A Summary of Empirical results
with Helge Niesytka (2016)
DIW Roundup 104, available here.

Brexit: What’s at Stake for the Financial Sector?
with David Pothier (2016)
DIW Economic Bulletin 31 / 2016, available here.

Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth
with Guido Baldi (2015)
DIW Roundup 71, available here.


presentation on offshore finance at the German Ministry of Finance
comment on development aid and tax havens for the online newspaper Welternaehrung, available here in German
interviewed for explanatory piece on tax evasion in the Leibniz Magazine, available here in German
interviewed for Tagesspiegel article on World Bank aid and tax havens, available here in German

Public Workshop on offshore finance at Berlins Long Night of Science (‘Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften’)
one on one consultations with German MPs via Leibniz in the Bundestag
Panel Discussion ‘‘Europtimism’' with Julia Baumann and Stephan Lessenich; moderated by Thomas Kirchner

Invited expert on tax havens: Joint Research Center of the European Commission, Seville
DIW commentary on ‘‘The empty list of tax havens’’, available here in German
live interview on international tax evasion at Deutsche Welle International, available here (taught me to speak slower)